Report 2019

Report 2019

This report is intended to provide AGL shareholders with information on AGL’s performance for the financial year ended 30 June 2019. Our 2019 Annual Report includes the Financial Report of AGL and its consolidated entities for the year.




Letter from the Chairman

I am pleased to present AGL’s Annual Report for 2019 (FY19). It’s the first time that AGL has produced an Annual Report with reference to the principles of Integrated Reporting.

Managing Director & CEO’s Report

I was really honoured to be appointed to lead AGL in December. I have worked here for 12 years – and I am immensely proud of our history and the important role we play in the Australian economy.

Purpose, Values & Strategy

AGLs’ business purpose, our refreshed values and our approach to strategy and growth opportunities.

Operating Environment

Our ability to create value is influenced by global factors, local market context, stakeholder interests and business risks.

How We Create Value

A visual depiction of how we create value, showing key inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.

Business Value Drivers

These ‘scorecards’ outline the strategic context, key performance indicators, outcomes and outlook for each of the seven business value drivers or ‘capitals’.