10. Non-IFRS Financial Information

The Operating & Financial Review attached to and forming part of this Directors’ Report includes a number of non-International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) financial measures. AGL management uses these non-IFRS financial measures to assess the performance of the business and make decisions on the allocation of resources.

Principal among these non-IFRS financial measures is Underlying Profit. This measure is Statutory Profit/(Loss) adjusted for:

  • significant items (which are material items of revenue or expense that are unrelated to the underlying performance of the business); and
  • changes in the fair value of financial instruments recognised in the statement of profit or loss (to remove the volatility caused by mismatches in valuing financial instruments and the underlying asset differently).

AGL believes that Underlying Profit provides a better understanding of its financial performance than Statutory Profit/(Loss) and allows for a more relevant comparison of financial performance between financial periods.

Underlying Profit is presented with reference to the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) Regulatory Guide 230 “Disclosing non-IFRS financial information”, issued in December 2011. AGL’s policy for reporting Underlying Profit is consistent with this guidance. The Directors have had the consistency of the application of the policy reviewed by the external auditor of AGL.

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